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Canon Precision's Customization: Meeting Your Needs with Precision

Since 1962, Canon Precision has been developing its core technology for DC micro motors. We leverage our advanced technologies and techniques to devise solutions customized to the diverse needs of individual customers.

The spirit of Monozukuri (the art of creation) forms the foundation for a development team that is directly linked to the manufacturing sites. We promise high quality by producing key components internally and by flexibly accommodating all needs, no matter how complicated or varied, through collaboration with our customers.

We manufacture our motors at our plants in Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture, where we employ a cell production system that contributes to manufacturing efficiency. Our proprietary production systems accommodate rapid delivery while also ensuring high reliability.

Canon Precision's motors can be equipped with optional components such as gear units and encoders. We can tailor the specifications of optional components, such as speed and reduction ratios, to your specific requirements.


Available Product Groups
Brushless Motors Coreless Motors Iron Core Motors Actuator Units Ultrasonic Motors Positioning Stagesジ Pan & Tilt Systems
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